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Photo: Hypersthene

Hypersthene © Spirit Of ISIS

Crystal Description

Hypersthene is a magnesium iron silicate mineral of the Pyroxene group and is found in metamorphic and igneous rocks and in stony and iron meteorites. Hypersthene is a member of the Enstatite Ferroilite series and is regarded as Hypersthene when iron causes a deeply coloured specimen. Hypersthene is strongly pleochroic.

Hypersthene crystals are relatively rare.

Hypersthene that is bronze in colour with a submetallic lustre is known as Bronzite.


Metaphysical Properties

Hypersthene stimulates the intuitive abilities of the third eye chakra, and can accelerate the development of clairaudience.

Hypersthene acts to support those whose decisions require expeditous answers, whether in relationships or business.

Hypersthene helps one to release an over-possessive ego around issues of self criticism and pride.


Video: Hypersthene


Photo: Hypersthene

Hypersthene © Spirit Of ISIS

Crystal Healing Uses

Hypersthene can be useful in treating and lessening pain.

Hypersthene has been used to regulate stomach acidity.

Hypersthene may be useful in the treatment of fever.


Photo: Hypersthene

Hypersthene © Spirit Of ISIS





grey, brown, green, black






crystals rare, stubby, prismatic. Massive, lamellar and fibrous aggregates


USA, Canada, Europe, India, Australia, South Africa

Chemical Composition:



5.5 to 6


vitreous to silky, translucent to transparent


perfect in two directions


Ferroan Enstatite



All crystal healing uses, magical uses and metaphysical definitions are provided as a means of education, and do not imply a guarantee of effect. Those suffering from illness should consult with their General Practitioner in the first instance. Crystal healing is a holistic complementary healthcare practice and should be carried out by a suitably qualified crystal healing practitioner.



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