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Spirit Of ISIS crystal shop has an extensive range of crystals and minerals for the crystal collector and rock hound as well as those interested in crystal healing.

Spirit Of ISIS crystal shop stocks a huge range of natural crystal specimens, rough minerals and tumble polished stones. Also available in my crystal shop are crystal angel and buddha carvings, crystal eggs, crystal hearts and crystal pyramids. For those interested in divination I have crystal pendulums, runes and crystal spheres. Spirit Of ISIS crystal shop has a great selection of natural crystal points, polished crystal points and crystal wands.

Spirit Of ISIS crystal shop also sells crystal pendant, bracelet and necklace jewellery.

Ammonite and trilobite fossils are offered in the Spirit Of ISIS fossil department as well as fossil teeth, fish and fossil wood.

Whether you are interested in crystal healing or are a crystal collector, you'll find the Spirit Of ISIS comprehensive online crystal database, describing the essential aspects of the mineralogy, metaphysical and crystal healing properties, crystal meanings and uses from the world of crystals a valuable resource. I have over 300 crystal descriptions and all crystals for sale in my shop include video and photographs.

The Spirit Of ISIS crystal shop also sells essential oils, natural masala incense and smudging sticks as well as music for meditation, therapy room and relaxation. I also stock singing bowls, tingsha and Native American dream catchers.

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Spirit Of ISIS crystal shop is based in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom.

Spirit Of ISIS crystal shop ship worldwide from the UK and have customers in every continent. Spirit Of ISIS crystal shop has been trading since 2003 and offer a huge range of crystals, minerals and fossils at low prices.


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